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Podcast #32 - Barely There (From the Mountain) Podcast

From the vacation files. Wrote this one camping in Colorado and recorded it in the shadow of Pike's Peak. Had to huddle in the back seat of Pete's truck with my iPad so as not to wake anyone while recording. The trip was wonderful. Got to see my sister and family in New Mexico then on to Grand Junction to hang out with my friend and former writing partner Reza Kaleel, and his wife Shawn. They… Read more

Podcast #31 - Coming Up Empty Podcast

"Night Fishing" was the prompt. I want to say that I wanted to write about what I see as a futile attempt to satisfy oneself with something that will never give us what we truly need. That could be money, success, relationships..etc. But, truth is, I didn't really sit and think about it much before I wrote this song. The phrase 'coming up empty' came to me separately from the prompt. The prompt was… Read more

Podcast #30 - Some Songs Podcast

"Dancing with Vernaculars"  So, that was the prompt. As it often happens, I had no idea what the hell to do with it. Then I started thinking about the process of writing and songs past and present and some songs I'd forgotten and, upon hearing them again, found they just didn't mean as much to me as they once did. Some songs I didn't even have to hear again. I thought about how songwriting starts and… Read more

Podcast #29 - Til The End Podcast

I remember having a really bad week. It's all kind of a blur. Things weren't going well and I ended up writing two different songs for this prompt but the other one was depressing and incomplete so, I cut it out. At least this song cheered me up a bit. Sometimes, in the middle of all the crap, you can't help but stop and laugh and be grateful that you have things to complain about. I didn't have time to do fix… Read more

Podcast #28 - I Surrender Podcast

I was in a mood. Just really, really had enough of the ridiculous arguments and justifications for treating every other human being as an enemy. Now, most of the people around me aren't violent and I'm from Texas but, it's not like we are all walking around with on Uzi despite what you might hear on the news. Those people make great headlines but I don't see much if any of them on a daily basis. I guess I was… Read more