Laura Marie
The Season


in memoriam...

Way Up High

Sometimes the bravest souls
Are on the darker side

Burning with everything
Taking the wildest ride
Deeper than ocean depths
Leaping from dizzy heights
Staring the demons down 
If only in their minds

Wish I could see you now
I thought you’d always be
Some living proof of hope
Is it selfish of me
to want you standing here
Instead of where you are
To stop my losing heart
When all has gone too far

Way up high
You’ve found your way home
Way up high
Where only your sweet, 
sweet soul could go

You won’t come crashing down
Not here, not anymore
You’re far beyond the clouds 
that gathered 'round, you left this world
a little darker for
just having gone away
If you can’t send a light 
Then, can you send a little rain

From way up high
You’ve found your way home
Way up high
Where only your sweet, 
sweet soul could go

All my heroes
are losing the fight
All my hopes keep
dropping like flies
I’m not ready
To grow up
and keep them alive

But, if not, the battle ends
without a victory
only the bitter loss
that set you free

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