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Podcast #46 - Look Up Podcast

It is really easy to focus on all the reasons you can't do something. You have the fear of failure on the one hand and the fear of success on the other. I know fear of success sounds kind of silly but, it's there. With success comes change and the raising of expectations and going way, way, way beyond your comfort zone. For someone like me, who is apt to set up my own tiny little fortress of solitude wherever I land, it's threatening to leave the safety zone. I tend to stay a little too long in one place… Read more

Podcast #45 - You're Right Podcast

I keep looking at this song sideways. I challenged myself to write with these different rhythms and I'm pretty sure I hate this particle one. Haha! The prompt was "break the shackle" and there was so much I could write about shackles, freedom, and such but, at this point, I'm being obstinate. If the prompt is one thing, all of a sudden, I don't want to write about that. I'm being difficult which makes the whole process more difficult. Writing, re-writing, banging my head against the desk :) So, the song… Read more

Podcast #44 - Love For You Now Podcast

Everything that was supposed to happen happened. Acceptance. I think we often see conflicts as really horrible things but, they are wonderful for directing our course. Getting through them, over them or around them shapes and molds us. More than anything, this song is about looking back in gratitude for the conflicts that put me right where I happen to be. Acknowledging that pain is part of the process doesn't mean we have to like it though. Ran out of time and had to do a quick one take recording for you.… Read more

Podcast #43 - Open Wide Podcast

"Beyond Repair" was the prompt. I thought about the things in my life that have been completely destroyed, all the pain and heartache and blessing. :) Really, sometimes things have to be broken apart so better things can take place. We aren't meant to live perfect lives. We have to open up, take chances, risk ourselves. I've had a fair share of heartbreak. No one is exempt. We all get broken and we are all involved in "breaking" other people. The whole process is really a gift. It destroys the world we've… Read more

Podcast #42 - Still In The Game Podcast

Listening back to this and I here all the places where I need the song to breathe. I think I'll work on that. The prompt was "Still in the Game" and it brought to mind this perpetual game we play thinking there are winners and losers, that we aren't all the same, that we have to be better or worse than someone to know our place in the world. That's a freakin' lie. And I say this while I am currently competing to be on the stage at Lincoln Center. To me, that's an opportunity, a chance to find a larger… Read more