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Podcast #42 - Still In The Game Podcast

Listening back to this and I here all the places where I need the song to breathe. I think I'll work on that. The prompt was "Still in the Game" and it brought to mind this perpetual game we play thinking there are winners and losers, that we aren't all the same, that we have to be better or worse than someone to know our place in the world. That's a freakin' lie. And I say this while I am currently competing to be on the stage at Lincoln Center. To me, that's an opportunity, a chance to find a larger… Read more

Podcast #41 - Diggin' On Swine (Rap..ish) Podcast

Actual quote from Matt Barker: " That was exactly what a laura marie rap would sound like". To be fair, it's only "rap-ish".

It's moments like this when I think, "Why did I agree to share all these songs?" Before you even say it, YES, I know how ridiculous this is. First of all, I don't rap and probably shouldn't. I don't have near the attitude for it. But, I have been known to write a funny song or two. My most notable was Paris which made the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance compilation. My prompt then was… Read more

Podcast #40 - Stay Where You Are Podcast

The end is near. 40 out of a 52 song commitment. Not bad y'all. Wait until you hear next week's rap song ;)

This week's song prompt was "Excuse Me For Living". Do you ever feel almost afraid to be happy...or successful or healthy? Even a good change can be daunting for some people. It means things are not going to stay the same as they've always been. It means people may be out of your life. You might not even know what to do with yourself. If it's something you've never experienced before, it might just be… Read more

Podcast #39 - More Than This Podcast

Week #39 was the week I broke down. It started with a panic. I completely lost my sense of direction and started to question why I even write songs. One of my beloved friends, who I used to perform with but who I hadn't seen in a long while, went to one of my shows. My husband asked him, "Did you ever think she'd still be doing this after all these years." He answered, "She needs this." He knows me after all this time. He should. He saved my life once. Carried me out of a deep depression. And it's true. I… Read more

Podcast #38 - More Than You'll Ever Know (Dark Side) Podcast

I think we all have a fair amount of mess inside our heads and hearts. It takes being in relationship (any kind of relationship) with other human beings to bring it out of us. And, even when it feels like a violent destruction of our hearts, it's simply the tearing away of everything that isn't true or real. It's a necessary part of our evolution as spiritual beings. You don't have to agree with me on this. It's simply where the song came from. I think, if we can recognize that the truth is we are meant to… Read more