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Podcast #50 - It's Not Easy  Podcast

I'm having a bad freaking day! Which is funny because I was having a bad day when I wrote this a couple of weeks ago. But, then it was about everything being so cold and dark outside. Part of it was the change of seasons and the other part was just how vicious the world seemed to be. I think it was the midterm elections plus every news story was something horrific. I felt incredibly vulnerable and didn't want to even venture out into the world much. And, that's how I feel again except now everything feels… Read more

Podcast #49 - The Window Podcast

I have this concern with escaping convention. I think I've always questioned why we do the things we do, why we limit ourselves to certain ways of being and thinking. Of course, I do see the value in having boundaries and limitations. It serves to keep us stable, defined, solid. I know who I am in context. I'm a daughter, wife, mother, woman, songwriter. I know what my role is. Most of the time, anyway. But, deep inside, I know I exist beyond all these definitions. I start to question our social constructs,… Read more

Podcast #48 - Monotone Podcast

Ever have one of those weeks where it seems like some portal to the past has opened up and you run into a bunch of people you haven't seen in ages? A couple of weeks ago it happened to me. It was strange. In most cases it was great. You know, people change but who they are is generally recognizable. Even if you can tell that they've been through something or are going through something that may make them a shade darker, they are still the same person you knew and loved. But, then there was one who made me… Read more

Podcast #47 - You Know What You Know Podcast

You're not the boss of me!!! That pretty much sums it up. Seriously, though, there are many people I take advice from so, it's not like I think I have all the answers. I know I don't. And, I don't think a lot of people would describe me as close-minded. Stubborn, yes. Close-minded, no. I also know, extremely well, where I fall short. In fact, I often get hung up on my shortcomings so, I really don't need someone to point them all out to me under the guise of being helpful when they've only just met me or… Read more

Podcast #46 - Look Up Podcast

It is really easy to focus on all the reasons you can't do something. You have the fear of failure on the one hand and the fear of success on the other. I know fear of success sounds kind of silly but, it's there. With success comes change and the raising of expectations and going way, way, way beyond your comfort zone. For someone like me, who is apt to set up my own tiny little fortress of solitude wherever I land, it's threatening to leave the safety zone. I tend to stay a little too long in one place… Read more